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“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” – Stevie Wonder

Who We Are
Black Diamond is a premier R&B/Southern Soul band that specializes in Southern Soul/Old School, R&B, 80’s & 90’s, and Current Music. We provide you with the opportunity to invest in live, soulful singing and event entertainment in East Coast! We are proud to say that we bring R&B soulful singing at its BEST.

Artist Bio
Black Diamond is a group consisting of Clarence aka (C-Love) and Ricky aka (Rev) Fuller (Brothers) Karen Jackson (KAR MEL) Reginald Barnes (Ready-D). Natives of Wilson and Goldsboro, North Carolina. Everyone began singing at home and in the church choir. Through different musicians, the brother duo met Karen Jackson, exchanged numbers and hooked up for a couple of practices. The chemistry was great. We all had creative writing abilities and that pushed us even harder.

After opening for artists like “Roy C”, Nellie Tiger Travis, LaBrado, Lacee, Jeff Floyd, Wilson Meadows, Omar Cunningham, Pokey Bear, Maurice Wynn, Big G, JRedd “The Nephew”, we began to realize that Southern Soul crowds were showing us a lot of love. We began recording our own CD and the magic began to happen!

With some of the best musicians around, hit after hit began to be created. Musicians that have stood by Black Diamond were giving there all: Jamal Lewis (Producer/Keyboard/Drummer); William Purvis (Producer/Production/Mixing); Brian Pitt (Keyboard); Nebraska Hinnant (Lead Guitar) Jerome Morgan (Bass); Antonio Nichols (Drummer/Bass); T-Love (Drummer) and a few others not mentioned.

We consider ourselves blessed. All I can say is get your copy of the CD! You won’t be disappointed. The buzz is spreading rapidly so make sure you include us in your music collection.

Get in Touch
For business inquiries, bookings and other concerns, please contact us at 252-315-2656 or email